Your back is paining for a while?, a frozen shoulder, or a sports injury that you’re looking to recover from? you can now seek treatment at your home, by certified, specialised and experienced physiotherapists.


Physical therapy or physiotherapy (often abbreviated to PT) is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. They assess, diagnose and treat disabilities like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and ligament issues to Parkinson’s, Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, and more, our physiotherapists can heal both chronic and acute problems at home.



If you are suffering from any of the following, or any other physical pain, call us sooner rather than later.

What do we do?

Our physiotherapists provide patients their expertise at patients homes. They assess, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan which varies depending on the patient’s needs. A physiotherapy session is usually of an hour, depending on the criticality of the problem. Our experts help with basic and advanced movement exercises to improve the patient’s mobility.


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